The Equestrians will integrate barns to boutiques, saddles to supplements, hats to boots, blankets to sunscreen, coffee to champagne, cosmetics to detergent, camping gear to décor, RVs to trail mix, war history to weddings.  Be part of eight episodes and dozens of stories on horsemanship, horse care, fashion, travel, shows, young riders, real estate, and American culture.  Connect with other desirable brands for shared savings, impact, and audience reach.  Help coordinate productions ideal for multiple sponsors at events, locations, and destinations, and receive a 20% commission.  We can even create specific stories and marketing for your brand.  So if you’re a business owner, brand manager, retailer, sales representative, chamber of commerce, real estate broker, hospitality manager, communications director, or entrepreneurial networker who wants to experience the value of brand entertainment, join The Quest.  Use this form to help us create a plan for your brand.

  • In order to leverage the group buy power, we try to consolidate production by geographical areas. If your product/service can be transported and used anywhere in the United States, please choose "National".