If you spend $5,000 or more annually on marketing, The Quest Productions can maximize the value of that expenditure.

Brand video improves awareness, sales, and search results, and is vital to social media.

We use the sharing economy approach to create broadcast-quality videos and commercials for multiple brands.

Brand managers, CMOs, event planners, realtors, chambers of commerce, and PR agents can connect and cross-sell networks of related products and services.    Learn more.

This video for Kent School is an example of how schools are showcased in our series The Sorority.

The Quest Productions provides a rare blend of advertising agency and film production expertise.

Get strategic insights and creative concepts for all media, plus world-class HD video production.  Get a nimble, efficient process, and an integrated vision for your brand.

We have award-winning marketing experience for Anheuser-Busch, Au Bon Pain, Converse, Eastpak, Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, Midas, MINI, Ocean Spray, NEC, OfficeMax, RepairClinic, Sleep Number, and World Equestrian Center.

We specialize in original brand content for women in fashion, lifestyle, travel, colleges, and equestrian.

We have marketing and film experience for some of the world’s best brands.  Contact us to learn how we can help you.