“Some of my biggest friends are big time horse owners.”
Pete Rose

“The hardest thing about learning to ride is the ground.”


Some do it for the applause.  Some do it for the prestige.  Some do it for the prize money.  Week after week they all criss-cross the happy trails of the country in trailers, haulers, transporters, RVs, SUVs, pickups, and town cars to reach the next show on the calendar.   With a backdrop of fruited plains, spacious skies, and purple mountains majesty, they pitch their tents and muck their stalls at equestrian epicenters such as Aiken, Austin, Columbus, Dallas, Del Mar, Denver, The Hamptons, Houston, Las Vegas, Lexington, Middleburg, North Salem, Tryon, Tucson, and Wellington.  Along for the ride and in it for the long haul are the drivers, grooms, event planners, course designers, announcers, media, vendors, and hired hands who ensure every event goes off without a hitch (even those involving hitch teams).  For the top riders and owners in the sport, they’ll leave with a purse large enough to buy 100 Coach purses.  For most, they’ll be happy to leave with a brightly colored ribbon and an experience no smartphone or video game can match.  This episode will feature some of the iconic horse shows and destinations across America, and the competitors who travel the circuit in the pursuit of prestige and prize money.

For both its stars and supporting cast, the show must go on and on for The Equestrians.

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