They work and play near us, in relative anonymity and obscurity. They go about their business and pleasure in the shadows of our cities and mountains. They enjoy a lifestyle seen in fashion magazines. They have wealth. Theirs is a world to envy. And yet, they are also to be admired. Because they show passion and dedication. They work hard. They uphold tradition. They enjoy a timeless connection with the earth, and a profound relationship with their majestic four-legged partners. We do not need to be “horse people” to appreciate the beauty, power, elegance, heart, and benevolent, almost spiritual nature of those beautiful creatures, and to consider ourselves one of them: The Equestrians. Tonkawa's Sebastian Merlos versus Valiente during quarterfinals at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach. Dapper fans at the International Gold Cup races at Great Meadow, VA. Associated Light Brigade's Dave Loda and Huckleberry perform with the Brigade of the American Revolution at Putnam Park in Connecticut. Jockey Bernard Dalton following his winning ride on Diplomat in the David L. "Zeke" Ferguson Memorial Hurdle Stakes at the International Gold Cup races at Great Meadow, VA. Children and adults with physical, cognitive or psychological differences are eligible to ride at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center. Joseph Der of Der Dau custom made boots and shoes. Lou-Anne Bréard and Vice Versa before the Junior Jumper competition at The Royal Horse Show. At The Royal Horse Show, there are big horses and bigger horses. David Carson, owner and driver of his own Six-Horse Clydesdale hitch, at The Royal Horse Show. David Carson Farms and Auction Services is one of Canada's premier equine and livestock hubs. Terry Russel of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.