The Equestrians is on the quest for top tier sponsors representing music streaming, cosmetics, fashion, travel, consumer electronics, automotive, food and beverage, financial services, packaged goods, telecom, and healthcare.  Fill out the form on this page to become a sponsor.

85% of equestrians are women who are influential buyers. The Equestrians is on the quest to be where they shop.

The Quest Productions provides more than 30 years of award-winning creative and strategic marketing experience.

We have produced Super Bowl commercials, national campaigns, branding, websites, and social media solutions for Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, for brands such as Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, OfficeMax, Converse, Midas, MINI, Au Bon Pain, and Eastpak.

The Quest Productions, unlike most traditional advertising agencies, delivers two levels of integrated marketing:

  1. Comprehensive 360-degree campaigns and concepts that engage customers at all touch-points and distribution channels.
  2. Dynamic product placement and stories that feature brands in the context of original entertainment.

Both are important, yet in today’s marketing and media landscape, brands truly need seamless integration into content audiences want to see.

Brands that rely on banners, pop-ups, and other interruptions get ignored.  And with ad blockers on the rise, brands need to be creative in how they reach customers.

Smartphones are really small TVs we carry in our pockets, making video critical to every communicator.  It’s why every major media platform — even news organizations and text-based applications such as Twitter — has embraced the need for video.

Brands need video. Studies have shown that more than 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom content.

More important, brands need quality video audiences will watch.

We have written thousands of scripts and supervised hundreds of productions for commercials that have been seen by millions of people.

We can do more than just make your brand look good.  We can provide the insights, stories, and memorable moments to make your brand stand out.

The Equestrians is a unique series that will blur the line between advertising and entertainment. Brands will be integral to the stories.

And we will integrate and feature brands in a complementary way that give sponsors shared buying power, production value, and audience reach.  We call it SponsorWith.

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