Brands need video. Video improves awareness, sales, and search results, and is vital to social media.

More than 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom video content.

But quality video content that entertains, looks amazing, and sells effectively can be expensive.

So we use the “sharing economy” approach to create great HD videos for multiple brands.

We call it SponsorWith.

Any commercial video production needs three main elements:

1) Location
2) People (talent)
3) Products

SponsorWith allows us to connect those three to maximize production value and minimize production costs.  Each brand receives its own story and HD video.

Here’s how four brands got HD videos for a fraction of the traditional cost with SponsorWith:

Look better together.

At a prestigious horse show, vendors included autos, yachts, fine beds, $500 ice coolers, modern corkscrews, and other luxury goods — all next to one another, yet each selling solo. We calculated the collective time, effort, and cost for each to be at the show and thought:

Couldn’t these complementary products collaborate on a more engaging brand experience where each benefits from shared costs, and all benefit from being together?:

An attractive couple drives to meet friends on a yacht, where they enjoy fine champagne, opened with the modern corkscrew, and kept in the $500 ice cooler.  They retire to their cabins and fine beds.

The same production could also integrate fashion, jewelry, chocolate, even a financial services company.

Each video could be seen anywhere by many more potential customers than those just at the show.

All boats (yachts) rise.

A video for MINI, featuring Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Cavalleria Toscana, Parlanti Roma, and Beval Saddlery.

When brands work together, they cross-sell and multiply their audience.

That modern corkscrew would be a natural added purchase to go with that $500 ice cooler.

Imagine a luxury wedding paid in part by featured products — autos, gowns, jewelry, wine, chocolate, flowers, even a financial services company — each of which benefits greatly from the collective production.

We can maximize the value of conventions, vacations, real estate showings, holidays, horse shows, and other events to create branded content with lasting value for all.

The ideal marketing solution for chambers of commerce, and destination towns.

We created this video and marketing campaign for Riverside, Illinois, designed as the first planned suburb in the Unites States by Frederick Law Olmsted.


Posters in Riverside businesses featured local merchants, each promoting the product or service of another.  They were the talk of the town, especially during the holiday season.

A 20% commission.

Anyone can benefit a business or brand’s bottom line simply by connecting its social and professional networks.

These partnerships also connect audiences of brands, creating “sponsor networks” that dramatically increase reach and awareness.

We’ll pay a 20% commission to any entrepreneurial networker who can connect brands, events, and locations.

So if you’re a brand manager, communications director, event planner, chamber of commerce, real estate broker, hospitality manager, or retailers, you can be part of The Quest.

For learn more about  Investor and Sponsor opportunities, visit our link Invest In The Quest.


Brands get more together with SponsorWith.

In addition to integration within the brand entertainment, each brand receives its own story and edited HD brand video.  All videos are HD quality 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, up to two minutes in length, edited with music, titles, logo. Rates include concept, scouting, storyboards. Rates do not include travel or featured paid talent (actors, models).

Sponsor costs range between $2,500 — $25,000, depending on the scope and complexity of the production, the number of related featured brands.  On average, the cost is between $4,995 — $9,995 per brand.

Retailers that sell a variety of goods can also split costs with their merchants for an incredibly cost-effective video production.  For example, a Christmas story may feature numerous products as gifts.

Grand Prix Sponsors.

We are also on The Quest for Grand Prix Sponsors in the following major categories:
















Travel + Leisure

Grand Prix Sponsors may represent national and international brands including airlines, apparel, beer, champagne, consumer electronics, cosmetics, financial planning, healthcare, insurance, jewelry, media, music, snacks, sporting goods, spirits, outdoor gear, real estate, resorts, restaurants, watches, wine, and yachts.

Grand Prix Sponsors will receive their own HD brand commercial, exclusive integration throughout all episodes of The Equestrians, VIP recognition in all promotional materials, interviews and other bonus content, and free advertising at our website.  Grand Prix Sponsorships begin at $25,000.

85% of equestrians are women who are influential buyers. Join The Quest to be where they shop.

Those customers are 85% women, with an average income of $185K.  38% have a net worth above $500K.  The market value of their average home is $594K.  They stay an average of 30 nights a year in a hotel, and 63% take more than 16 airline trips per year.

The Quest Productions provides more than 30 years of award-winning creative and strategic marketing experience.

We have produced Super Bowl commercials, national campaigns, branding, websites, and social media solutions for Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, for brands such as Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, OfficeMax, Converse, Midas, MINI, Au Bon Pain, and Eastpak.

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