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For every equestrian, travel, fashion, and lifestyle brand that spends $5,000 or more annually on marketing, The Equestrians can maximize the value of that expenditure.

The Equestrians is an upcoming entertainment series about the diverse and fascinating equestrian world.

But The Equestrians is about more than just the equestrian world.  It’s about The Quest within each of us, for glory, freedom, beauty, friendship, compassion, love, peace, and spirituality.

Each episode of The Equestrians will include ten or more related stories, to be enjoyed in bite-size chunks or binge-watched with a bowl of popcorn like a season of House of Cards.

The format integrates dozens of brands and sponsors, who get shared purchase power, HD production value, and collective audience reach.

Each sponsor also gets its own edited HD brand video, for a fraction of the cost to produce independently.

The Equestrians leverages key events and locations to integrate real estate, hospitality, automobiles, financial services, food and beverage, home decor, fashion, luxury goods, technology, and healthcare.

The Equestrians will engage in ways banners, print ads, and pop-ups can’t.

The Equestrians is designed for today’s mobile audiences, who want episodic content they can see and share anytime, with natural integration of favorite brands.

Teasers for The Equestrians have already been viewed in more than 50 countries.

One comment from an equestrian blogger simply said, “More, please.”

The Quest Productions has created videos for Mini, World Equestrian Center, Dressage at Devon, Washington International Horse Show, Footing First, JOTT, and Culinary Collective.  We’ve filmed at the International Gold Cup Races, International Polo Club, Royal Horse Show, 50th All-American Quarter Horse Congress, Equine Affaire, and Aiken Fall Steeplechase, and with the Auburn Tigers National Champion Team, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward.

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See which of the eight episodes is right for your brand with this script outline:

The Equestrians Outline of Episodes

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