“Women have burnt like beacons in all the works of all the poets from the beginning of time. Indeed if woman had no existence save in the fiction written by men, one would imagine her a person of the utmost importance; very various; heroic and mean; splendid and sordid; beautiful and hideous in the extreme; as great as a man, some would say greater.  She pervades poetry from cover to cover; she is all but absent from history. She dominates the lives of kings and conquerors in fiction; in fact she was the slave of any boy whose parents forced a ring upon her finger. Some of the most inspired words and profound thoughts in literature fall from her lips; in real life she could hardly read; scarcely spell; and was the property of her husband.” — Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

“One is not born, but rather becomes a woman.” — Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

The Sorority will be a reality-based video entertainment series about college women.

The Sorority will be a figurative rather than actual sorority:

A diverse group of female students from various schools who — despite varied backgrounds, interests, and academic pursuits — share common experiences, dreams, challenges, achievements, and awakenings during this profoundly enlightening and transformative time in their lives.

Relationships that represent “a sisterhood” will be a thread throughout, and will include roommates, teammates, classmates, coaches, professors, instructors, and even parents.

Filming will take place primarily in the Northeast throughout the 2018-19 school year.

Viewers will see these women collaborate, assert themselves, make new friends, plan their futures, embrace new challenges, identify their own likes and values, uncover their potential, and discover what’s truly important to them.

Managing expectations will also be a key dynamic within the series, as the young women strive to balance their interests and obligations.

As they enjoy the freedoms of living on their own, they must also reward their parents’ investment to excel at school.

As they have fun and socialize, they must also focus on the future and a career.

As they make new friends and try to fit in, they must also establish their own identities and individuality, to prepare themselves for a post-college world in which there a fewer support systems like The Sorority.

Stories will feature women students from schools with programs in nursing, fashion design, music, science, technology, communication, and urban planning, plus top schools for equestrian and squash.   

These nine story lines will loosely find inspiration from the nine Greek Muses — Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

Stories will cover academics, athletics, dorm and campus life, relationships, and culture, and also explore dynamic college cites like Boston, New York City, and Hartford.

Stories will also integrate on-campus sororities, their interests, charities, and causes, plus the missions of their larger national sorority charter organizations, including the 26 of the National Panhellenic Conference (representing 620 colleges and universities), the “Divine Nine” of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, cultural interest sororities, and even a sorority for Moms.

Historic and nostalgic elements may be integrated, to underscore the origins of particular sorority’s traditions.

Production of the series will be funded by relevant brands that will be featured and integrated throughout.

A story may feature brands that range from athletic gear to apparel, snacks to coffee, kitchenware to toiletries, laptops to linens, eyewear to cosmetics.  Products and services aimed at parents will include banking, insurance, wealth management, and travel.

Brands and companies of all sizes and categories can get great value through tiered levels of paid sponsorships:

  1. Product placement central to stories for as little as $1000-2500
  2. Edited broadcast-ready brand videos that leverage talent, locations, and stories for as little as $5K
  3. Scripted and edited brand commercials and campaigns for as little as $10K
  4. Exclusivity, integration throughout the series, and broadcast quality campaigns for major brands for $25K+

Brands will also get high-resolution still images and clips to use in social media and on their own websites.

The Sorority will also have a companion e-commerce platform.

This special online marketplace is where participating brands can sell directly to viewers of the series.

Brands can also run targeted ads and promotions.

Businesses in college towns can also reach this large audience.

The Atlantic reports that more than 56% of college students in the US — 8.4 million — are women.

Back-to-school expenditures in the US in 2017 were $29.5 billion.

Brookings reports that the average bachelor’s degree holder contributes $278,000 more to local economies than the average high school graduate, through direct spending, over the course of her lifetime.

The Sorority has a number of target audiences:

  1. College women
  2. High school women
  3. Parents of both
  4. Featured schools
  5. Alumni
  6. National sororities
  7. Brand managers and retailers
  8. College towns and related businesses

Music will be a vital element of the series, with songs by contemporary women artists serving as a narrative device.

Stories will be, in effect, like music videos, with a duration dictated by the length of the song.

Just as music videos, music streaming, and music downloads are integral to college students’ lives, music will be at the core of The Sorority.

Videos and stories will be unveiled throughout the school year, to continually drive traffic to the site.


They come from different origins and backgrounds and cultures, at first connected only by gender, age, and college affiliations. For the first time in their lives, these young women have left the comforts of home and support system of their families.

Aside from their lofty expectations (and those of their parents), and the financial responsibilities that await (student loans, earning a living), they are independent.

Soon, though, deeper bonds develop. Bonds rooted in more than just friendships and collegial experiences. Bonds inspired largely by the collective historic, cultural, and societal experiences of women.

Their studies and activities become only part of an eye-opening education that also reveals the challenges, obstacles, and even suffrage women have faced throughout time. They discover a common history, and a shared identity.

They discover a new “family,” not only of their female classmates, teammates, and friends, but also women professors, coaches, mentors, and peers, who represent a legacy of values and traditions established by women pioneers, through organization, activism, and recognition of every woman’s deserved place in the world.

It’s a sisterhood.

The collective identity of women as “The Second Sex” may serve to empower each woman to find her own inspiration and fulfill her own own destiny.

A woman’s personal achievements are also a triumph for all women, and in turn, a victory for all of humanity.