We recently created a commercial and this full-length version video for the debut of The World Equestrian Center, to promote the debut of its world-class equestrian facilities and upcoming events this October.

Th commercial will air on New England Sports Network during the broadcast of the 2016 Silver Oak Jumper Tournament in Halifax, MA.

To emphasize the WEC’s location in Wilmington, OH, the video features the song “Ohio” by American singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides, and the theme, “OH, IT’S MAGIC.”

Formerly the site of Roberts Arena, the World Equestrian Center is situated on hundreds of acres of pristine land in Southwest Ohio featuring beautiful open fields and rolling hills. Entirely privately owned and professionally operated, the venue has been designed to offer the ultimate equestrian competition experience for both horse and rider. Driven by a passion for horses and a commitment to supporting equestrian sports in the United States, the World Equestrian Center hopes to return horse showing to its former grandeur while incorporating an element of fun reminiscent of the horse shows of the past.

The World Equestrian Center Fall Classic, October 19-23, and World Equestrian Center Invitational October 26-30, will award $500,000 in money and prizes.

For more information, visit the World Equestrian Center.