The Equestrians will be a dynamic media platform featuring an entertainment series, strategic marketing, integrated sponsors, and outstanding film and digital production services.

Episodes of The Equestrians will feature stories, music, fashion, travel, and lifestyle, to provide viewers with an inside look at the fascinating yet often exclusive equestrian world.

The equestrian world already attracts advertisers and customers from business categories with the most digital ad spending, led by retail ($12.91 billion), automotive ($7.3 billion), financial services ($7.19 billion), telecom ($6.5 billion), consumer packaged goods ($4.98 billion), travel ($4.86 billion), computers/consumer electronics ($4.45 billion), media ($3.39 billion), entertainment ($2.81 billion), and healthcare/pharmaceutical ($1.64 billion).

The Equestrians will provide integrated sponsors with collective purchase power and shared production value, and allow them to reach audiences anywhere, anytime through mobile devices and social media.

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